Homophobic troll asked a lesbian baker to make him a ‘gays are evil’ cake. She baked for him, and he cried discrimination anyway

April Anderson was stunned to see a customer had requested a homophobic message on a red velvet cake.(Facebook/Stock photograph via Elements Envato)

A rightwing troll ordered a cake with a homophobic message on it from a lesbian baker hoping she would refuse – and then cried discrimination when she graciously made it anyway.

April Anderson, who runs Good Cakes and Bakes in Detroit with her wife Michelle and has previously baked for Oprah Winfrey, told the Detroit Free Press that she received an online order for a custom red velvet cake on July 19.

“I am ordering this cake to celebrate and have PRIDE in true Christian marriage,” the customer said in the order.

The customer had requested a special message be piped on top of the bake, which as Anderson quickly noticed, was truly the icing on the homophobic cake.

“I’d like you to write on the cake, in icing: ‘Homosexual acts are gravely evil (Catholic Catechism 2357).'”

The customer was identified as David Gordon. He works for Church Militant which, according to its website, bluntly opposes homosexuality.

As much as Gordon’s request left Anderson stunned, she’s sadly all too used to discrimination.

“We are so used to being Black lesbian women,” Anderson said.

“You are used to people discriminating against you and saying mean things to you.”

Concerned the bigoted customer would take legal action if she didn’t run the order, Anderson ultimately baked the cake but omitted the hateful message. Thankfully, her store policy does not allowing for custom messages on online orders, giving her a clear get-out.

She told the customer his cake would be ready Saturday, which he was “shocked” to hear.

“He was probably anticipating us saying no,” Anderson added.

However, Anderson was forced to bin the cake after Gordon failed to show. He never got to read a letter Anderson penned for him which explained “what our bakery stands for, who we are”.

“We don’t stand for hate, we’re all about peace and justice and inclusion,” the baker wrote.

She explained: “I think he was trolling us and he wanted me not to make the cake so that he would have an argument about us being discriminatory against him for not making a cake.

“I think it shocked him when he called Friday and we said, ‘Oh, yeah, we’re making the cake’.”

Yet, the saga continued to unfold after the incident was covered by local media. On August 7, Gordon tweeted: “Good Cakes and Bakes is discriminating against me for requesting a cake virtually quoting the Catechism of the Catholic Church sec. 2357.

“No more anti-Catholic discrimination. See you in court.”

Bakeries have, for many years, become unexpected battlegrounds for LGBT+ rights in the US, with case after case of typically Christian-owned bakeries refusing orders from queer customers.