Pulse shooting survivor launches blistering attack on ‘amateur fascist’ Donald Trump – and he doesn’t hold back

Pulse shooting survivor Brandon Wolf

Queer activist and survivor of the Orlando Pulse shooting Brandon Wolf has debunked the “totally delusional” idea that Donald Trump is the “most pro-gay president in American history”.

On Thursday, 20 August, the Log Cabin Republicans, the largest group of LGBT+ conservatives in the US, released a video claiming that Donald Trump was the “most pro-gay president in American history”.

The video features Richard Grenell, who was the first of very few gay officials in the Trump administration, and who departed from his role as acting Director of National Intelligence after a few months.

Trump retweeted the Log Cabin Republicans’ video, and wrote: “My great honor!!!”

Grenell later appeared twice on Fox News to repeat his claim that Trump is an LGBT+ ally.

Speaking on MSNBC’s AM Joy on Sunday, August 23, Wolf explained exactly why Grenell’s claim was “hot garbage” and “totally delusional”.

He said: “We don’t have to guess what kind of president Donald Trump is for LGBT+ Americans. We don’t have to believe Richard Grenell on how Donald Trump will treat LGBT+ Americans.

“We already know because we’ve seen the policies in action.”

The Pulse shooting survivor continued: “This is a president who fired thousands of transgender people who made the incredible sacrifice of serving in the US military.

“This is a president who kicked transgender people out of homeless shelters and argued that said same-sex couples should be barred from adopting children.

“This is a president who just two months ago, on the four-year remembrance of the shooting at Pulse nightclub, tried to rip non-discrimination protections away from LGBT+ folks going to see a doctor.

“Donald Trump has been at war with the LGBT+ community from the day he set foot in office.”

Wolf added: “We have an amateur fascist in the White House who has LGBT+ folks squarely in his crosshairs, and our fight today is to wrestle the country back out of his greedy, corrupt hands on 3 November, because, quite frankly, there may be no democracy left once he’s done with it.”