Jeffery Dahmer-obsessive ‘slashed Grindr hook-up’s wrist and strangled him till he blacked out’

A person looks at the Grindr app in the App Store on an iPhone.

A gay man from Louisiana survived attempted murder on a Grindr hook-up in June which left him hospitalised. Now, he’s telling his story of recovery.

Warning – descriptions of violence.

Holden White had his wrist slashed and was almost strangled to death after meeting a man from Grindr.

He recalls reaching to get something in his bag. “That’s when I felt a cord wrap around my throat,” he told local news station KATC.

“He did it to the point as to where every single blood vessel in my face ruptured. There was just blood all over my chest.”

White reported thinking he would die from the attack.

“My final words to myself was, ‘just stay calm’,” he recalls. “In my mind, I kept repeating to myself, ‘just stay calm, stay calm’.”

He blacked out multiple times during the attack, and woke up in the bath.

A suspect, Chance Seneca, is currently in custody at the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center.

White was told that Seneca called the police and said: “I just tried to murder somebody, send an ambulance”. When the paramedics found White, he said he “was still naked in the bathtub”.

White is certain the incident was a hate crime. “He made it a point to choose a gay man on a gay app,” he said, claiming that the suspect “idolised Jeffery Dahmer”, who killed 17 men he targeted in gay bars.

The FBI is currently investigating the attack.

Hate crimes soar in Trump’s America.

In a recent report, the FBI found that anti-LGBT+ hate crimes had soared in Donald Trump’s America.

Crimes based on sexual orientation represented 16.8 per cent of all hate crime reports in 2019. The data showed two-thirds of these were against gay men, according to the data.

Campaigners say this doesn’t reflect the real scale of the issue, because of issues with reporting. Alphonso David, president of the Human Rights Campaign, called it a “hate crimes epidemic”.

The situation in the UK is similar. The number of reported homophobic hate crimes has almost trebled in the last five years.