Taylor Swift fans weren’t ready for the emotional gut-punch of her surprise new album Evermore

Taylor Swift with her hair in a ponytail, wearing a checked coat, looking off into nature, with a tweet imposed on it

Taylor Swift released evermore and apparently rebranded as the United States Postal Service, because she truly keeps delivering – perfect albums, that is.

Today was, no doubt, just like every other day for you. You woke up, brewed your coffee, slogged through the stale all-team Zoom meeting you’ve grown to hate so much and started your day.

But there was one key difference today – happiness. For you had your first listen to evermore, the ninth studio album by Taylor Swift that dropped just five months after her last effort, folklore. She’s not called Taylor Slow, after all.

With 15 new songs to luxuriate in – plus two extra on the deluxe version – fans were in a frenzy and refused to calm down because, in their wildest dreams, they could not comprehend two Swift albums in a single year. Especially the hellfire year that has been 2020.

Taylor Swift’s new album, evermore, has everyone in tears and experiencing serotonin for the first time in months. 

With many critic’s reviews trickling in, everyone had the same reaction to Taylor Swift’s evermore.

Many praised the music video for “willow“, which Swift directed herself and released along with the album.

In a YouTube video chat before the video aired, she dropped hints at the song’s meaning. “One scene represents how I feel about fame,” she said.

“There’s a scene to represent each season throughout the journey of the video.”

But listening to Taylor Swift is often, at the very least, a two step affair. First, the tears. Then, the theories.

Taylor is known for dotting the months leading up to album releases with easter eggs and clues for fans to go all Pepe Silvia on. And evermore was no exception.

Fans were quick to realise that the clues were all there that showed she was set to release new material. Everything from hairstyles to national horse days to Instagram captions were all veiled clues, fans said.