Transgender couple feel ‘blessed’ and ‘complete’ after proud dad gives birth to twins

transgender parents

A transgender couple who became parents for the first time feel “blessed” and “complete” after after having twins in November.

Michael Elson-Steven, 42, gave birth to twins in the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast, in November as his wife Adrianne, 49, waited anxiously for their new arrivals.

The proud transgender parents told Belfast Live that they both put gender confirmation surgeries on hold for several years so they could start a family of their own.

Christin and Mavis arrived into the world in November after years of unsuccessful efforts to get pregnant, leaving the couple overjoyed and excited for the next phase of their lives.

Proud transgender parents are full of love for their newborn twins

“I never believed they’d be here so when I look at these girls now, my tears just fall,” proud mum Adrianne told Belfast Live.

“I’m filled with such love for them and Michael. I feel so blessed, complete.”

Christin and Mavis were conceived using Adrianne’s sperm and eggs from a donor, with the girls then carried to term by their father Michael.

“I postponed treatment when I met Michael and committed to trying for a child. Now Mavis and Christin are our priority,” Adrianne said.

“I’m their mum and Michael, their dad. If we transition fully, then it’ll happen at the right time dictated by our daughters’ needs.”

Adrianne, originally from Liverpool, moved to Northern Ireland in 2005 so she could drive trains, but she believes “God, the universe or fate” drew her to Belfast where she met Michael, the love of her life.

“We’ve had lots of challenging times, we’ve been abused as trans people but we can face anything together Ours is just a story of love. These two daughters have been born of sheer love.

“Having these tiny babies squeaking and sleeping, crying and flailing their arms around, it feels like a dream.

If telling [our story] enlightens one person who hates trans people, then I think we’ll have done our duty.

“Our lives have been turned upside down, our flat is filled with baby equipment, our routine is inside out and we don’t sleep – but we’re loving every moment of it. It’s real, messy, noisy and busy but it’s still the best thing in the world.”

She added: “We know what it’s like to have repeated negative pregnancy tests so we know how blessed we are.”

Michael finally became pregnant following a third round of IVF in Spain, where two embryos were placed in the womb to maximise the couple’s chances.

He was shocked when he took a pregnancy test and discovered that the final shot at IVF had worked.

“I couldn’t quite grasp it. It said positive. I didn’t feel any different but I was carrying a baby, Adrianne’s baby. I showed her the test. We thought it must be wrong. I took another test. It was positive too.

“Adrianne cried, I was stock still, my mind raced to things I need to do, rearrange the flat, buy baby clothes, nappies, bottles, little vests and bibs,” he added.

Adrianne said she hopes people remember that theirs is “a love story”.

“If telling [our story] enlightens one person who hates trans people, then I think we’ll have done our duty.”