Gay rising star Democrat given crucial role in officially confirming Joe Biden’s win and ending Trump’s reign of terror

Donald Trump Malcolm Kenyatta

Malcolm Kenyatta, Pennsylvania state representative and “rising star” of the Democratic party, played a crucial role in officially ousting Donald Trump from office.

Kenyatta was one of 538 electors who officially gave Trump his marching orders when the Electoral College confirmed Joe Biden as president-elect on Monday (14 December).

Biden won 306 electoral votes compared to the outgoing president’s measly 232, putting some of the final nails in the coffin of Trump’s desperate bid to subvert the will of the American people.

The results will now be sent to Washington DC, where they will be tallied in a joint session of Congress on 6 January, presided over by the outgoing vice president Mike Pence.

Malcolm Kenyatta said it was a ‘huge honour’ to oust Donald Trump.

In Pennsylvania, Malcolm Kenyatta led his state’s delegation by making an official motion for the electors to cast their votes for Biden.

He celebrated the incredible moment on Twitter, writing: “HUGE HONOUR. I just made the official motion to deliver Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes to Joe Biden!”


Kenyatta has been called one of the “rising stars” of the Democratic party, and was one of the 17 people selected to deliver a keynote address at the Democratic National Convention in August.

Speaking at the event, where he appeared with his fiancé, Kenyatta said: “Joe Biden was the first national figure to support me and my family.”

His fiancé, Matthew Miller, added: “I appreciate you, man.”

Speaking to LGBTQ Nation earlier this year, Kenyatta, who is the first gay Black man to be seated in the Pennsylvania General Assembly, reflected on the many ways in which “systems are broken” in the United States.

“As somebody who inhabits all of these intersections, growing up in an incredibly poor neighbourhood to a working poor family, as one of only two openly LGBTQ members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly and the only one that’s a person of colour, I see all the different ways that frankly our systems are broken,” he said.

“Being a young person, a Black person, and a queer person — all those different intersections bring a certain perspective,” he later told the Pennsylvania Capital Star.

“And I think it’s important because this president has tried very hard to divide folks up along race, class, gender and economic status. He is actively working to make life more difficult for the people he has sworn to serve. So all of the intersections that embody us are people Trump has gone after.”

Trump has been fighting the democratic process ever since Biden won the presidency in November, baselessly claiming that the vote was impacted by fraud.

His attempts to have the result overturned have proven unsuccessful – however, he has still not conceded.