George Michael’s former lover caught breaking into star’s home only days before anniversary of his tragic death

George Michael (R) and Fadi Fawaz

George Michael’s ex, who four years ago rung the emergency services upon finding the pop star dead Christmas Day, was found by authorities Tuesday morning (22 December) breaking into his home.

Local law enforcement discovered Fadi Fawaz, 47, entering the £5 million townhouse, reportedly screaming as police dragged him away: “This is my place. George wanted me to have it.”

Source told the British newspaper The Sun that Fawaz hopped over a security fence of the London, England, property and smashed a window to get inside.

According to sources, Fawaz was forcibly removed from Michael’s home at around 11am and was not arrested.

It had been empty since Michael’s family banned Fawaz from the mansion after smashing while taking drugs last year. The windows boarded-up after being broken by the hairdresser, who ripped into the property, wrecking toilets, walls and even the ceilings with a sledgehammer.

The photographer had been living in the townhouse, just by northwest inner London, in the years after Michael’s death.

George Michael’s ‘lonely’ ex ‘dragged’ out of home by police

A witness told the publication: “Fadi looked in a bad way, like he’d been living rough. He was very emotional.

“He somehow managed to get over the security fence before smashing one of the windows and going inside.

“When the police arrived they tried to reason with him but he just kept screaming that it was his place and George wanted him to have it.

George Michael and Fadi Fawaz in the backseat of a car

George Michael and Fadi Fawaz. (Luca Teuchmann/Getty Images)

“In the end, they dragged him out and sent him packing but I wonder how long it will be before he returns.

“This must be a very difficult and lonely time of the year for Fadi, with the anniversary of George’s death.

“He’s been his own worst enemy for years but it’s hard not to feel some sympathy for him.”

Michael died aged 52 in 2016 in his Goring, Oxfordshire, home. The English songwriter and one half of the band Wham! was one of pop’s decades-long reigning stars, writing supple love ballads and lighthearted tunes that made him a teen pin-up.

He came out as gay after being arrested on charges of lewd conduct in a men’s restroom in Beverly Hills, California, US in 1998.