Miriam Margolyes calls out ‘nuts’ anti-vaxxers, ‘a-hole’ Trump and ‘clown’ Boris Johnson

Miriam Margolyes

Miriam Margolyes pulled no punches as she casually dismissed Boris Johnson, Donald Trump and all anti-vaxxers in an appearance on Good Morning Britain.

The characteristically candid lesbian actor, best known for playing Professor Sprout in the Harry Potter films, was interviewed on the ITV show via video link from her home in Italy.

The conversation soon turned towards the new coronavirus vaccine and those who oppose it – and Margolyes had absolutely no time for tact.

“Of course one must have the vaccine,” she told co-host Susanna Reid. “Those anti-vaxxers are nuts. They need their heads seen to. It is ridiculous.

“I’m hoping that I get a vaccine as soon as possible. I’ll be 80 in May and I may be able to have it in Italy before I come [back], but I’m not coming to England until it’s safe to go.

“I mean, you’ve got that clown in charge there that I didn’t vote for, and I’m holding him responsible for a lot of this mess,” she added, blunt as ever.

She similarly refused to hold back on Donald Trump, describing him later in the interview as someone who “ends with ‘hole’ [and] starts with ‘A'”.

“Like everybody else I’m astonished and disgusted. I know it’s morning television and I have to be careful about what I say about that man… let’s say that it ends with ‘hole’ [and] starts with ‘A’.

“He is a dangerous man, he’s a fascist, and I think it was obvious from the beginning that he was going to be like that,” she continued. “It looks as if there was planning, a conspiracy to invade the Capitol, and I just long to see the back of him.

“I’m worried about America, it’s a sweet country [but] there’s a lot of silly people in it and they need to be smacked.”

Margolyes was only on screen for a few minutes but made quite an impression on viewers, who were soon hailing the 79-year-old as “a national treasure”.

Never change, Miriam Margolyes.