Kids doomed ‘to hell’ when Joe Biden’s ‘radical left ushers in more LGBT+ propaganda’, fears hate group founder

James Dobson in a red tie and black suit standing by his wife Shirley Dobson (L)

In today’s edition of hate group founders say the darndest things, American evangelical James Dobson has said that “if” Joe Biden takes the White House, the “radical left” will usher in “more LGBT propaganda”.

Here we go.

Dobson is the founder of Focus on the Family, a fundamentalist Christian group that insists being gay causes “death and disease”, and the Family Research Council, designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Writing in the February 2021 edition of his newsletter “Where Do We Go From Here?”, Dobson spends some 3,000 words rambling about how the “catastrophic” election of Joe Biden will be “a blight on the history of this great nation”.

James Dobson takes aim at ‘horrendous’ Equality Act as ‘popular culture’ takes children to ‘hell’

With a withering America facing its most “momentous and dangerous days”, Dobson listed out Biden’s “most radical ideas” in fearmongering that resembles what might happen if you fed AI 1,000 hours of Fox News and asked it to create a Christian fundamentalist’s living nightmare.

Indeed, with seemingly no proof or references to reality, Dobson claims Biden’s win will mean “less freedom”, “more socialism” and, with absolutely no sense of irony at all, “less support for the electoral college”.

Alongside “more ‘cancel culture'” and “less government of the people, by the people and for the people”, the 84-year-old Republican included one glimmer of reality: “We can also anticipate quick passage of the horrendous ‘Equality Act’.”

Biden has repeatedly pledged to sign the Equality Act to enshrine sweeping anti-discrimination law across employment, public education, housing and more for LGBT+ citizens. It will add sexual orientation and gender identity to existing civil rights legislation.

“You might want to keep track of these items as they occur,” Dobson said. “This is just the beginning.”

He continued: “Writing now to parents and grandparents in 2021, never in history has it been more important for you to defend your kids and your rights to raise them in the fear and admonition of the Lord.

“Fight for it with your very lives. If you are too intimidated or distracted to give priority to your children, the popular culture will take them to hell.”

Dobson has long sparred with the Equality Act. In 2019, according to On Top, he wrote in this syndicated column that the law is a “thinly veiled death-sentence to the First Amendment to the constitution” that will “enslave” Christians.