New Final Fantasy XIV expansion Endwalker will see players travel to the Moon

Final Fantasy XIV

Endwalker is the latest expansion in Square Enix’s long-running MMO Final Fantasy XIV, due out Autumn this year on PC and PlayStation.

Revealed with a brand new trailer over the weekend in a Final Fantasy XIV Announcement Showcase, Endwalker is the first major expansion since 2019’s Shadowbringers and will add a considerable amount of new content – including a new story scenario for the Warriors of Light and a new healing job, the Sage.

It was also revealed that the game will arrive on PlayStation 5 on 13 April in open beta. This version boasts improved frame rates and loading times, 4k resolution and more. A free upgrade is available for existing players.

Endwalker will feature the climax of the Hydaelyn and Zodiark story, which began in the base game A Realm Reborn. Players will travel to new areas Thavnair, the imperial city of Garlemad and the Moon. Final Fantasy X’s Anima summon will also be a new threat.

The Sage will be a new barrier-type healing job, balancing attacking, healing and protective barriers using their unique levitating blade weapon Nouliths – original to Final Fantasy XIV. A second new unannounced job will also be available.

Other features include an increased level cap; a new brutal Pandæmonium difficulty; battle system tweaks; new gear, areas and dungeons; new content in the Gold Saucer gaming area; and the ability to travel to data centres in other countries. 

If you’re yet to play Final Fantasy XIV, a free trial is available that includes the base game A Realm Reborn and the first expansion Heavensward. It’s available on PC, Mac and PlayStation consoles.

For more information, check out the Final Fantasty XIV: Endwalker official page. There will also be a Final Fantasy XIV Digital Fan Festival 2021 from 15-16 May where further details will be revealed.

See the Sage class in action here…

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