Players are thirsting over ‘Tall Witch Lady’ Savathûn in Destiny 2’s new chapter The Witch Queen

Destiny 2 The Witch Queen

The Witch Queen will be the next chapter in Destiny 2, Bungie has announced, and it will star a very dominating antagonist.

The expansion will launch 11 February 2022 and will continue the Light & Darkness saga.

Guardians will travel to the new destination Savathûn’s Throne World to face off against Savathûn, the Witch Queen herself, and her horde of Lucent Brood: Hive enemies with the same Light that powers Guardians.

To combat these new enemies, a brand new crafting mechanic will be introduced for players to forge their own weapons with unique combinations of mods, shaders and stats. The Glaive weapon will be added too, capable of powerful melee attacks.

The new chapter was revealed in a Destiny 2 showcase that also revealed the Light & Darkness saga will continue with Lightfall in 2023 and a final chapter fittingly named The Final Shape. 

The showcase also kicked off the new season – Season of the Lost – that’s available now. It acts as a narrative precursor to The Witch Queen, with new activities and a new Exotic quest.

Cross play has also been added, so players can unite with others across all platforms.

What’s more, new content will be added to Destiny 2 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of developer Bungie. Free content will be available for all players, in addition to a DLC pack to purchase that will include a new treasure-themed dungeon inspired by the “Loot Cave” from the original Destiny.

There will also be new weapons and armour inspired by previous Bungie games. Fans are already speculating whether Halo themed content will be included.

Bungie were the original developers of the Halo series that’s now created by 343 Industries.

A new trailer revealed The Witch Queen and players are already thirsting over this new tall female antagonist.

Because it’s 2021 and that’s what we do now.

Destiny 2 is free-to-play, available on PC, Stadia, Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

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