Gay Republicans savaged after sycophantic video thanking Trump for ‘standing up for family’

The Log Cabin Republicans group released a love letter to Donald Trump riddled withfalsehoods

The Log Cabin Republicans thanked Donald Trump for “standing up for family” in a bizarre Presidents’ Day video littered with falsehoods.

The gay Republican group, which claims to represent “LGBT conservative and allies” but rarely challenges rampant homophobia within the GOP, put out an odd love letter to Donald Trump to mark Presidents’ Day.

In the clip, figures including disgraced former journalist Chadwick Moore and self-described transphobe Arielle Scarcella lavish praise on Trump – a man who vented about transgender soldiers getting “clipped”, stood silent as his administration gutted LGBT+ rights protections and argued in court that businesses should have the right to fire people for being gay.

Trump is praised for “standing up for our American ideals of family, freedom and liberty” by one participant, while others resort to gaslighting as they peddle a number of abject falsehoods.

The video claims that “one of the best things that he did was launch a global campaign to decriminalise homosexuality”, though there is no evidence to suggest any such campaign ever actually existed beyond a press release, while Trump left the position of international LGBT+ envoy sitting empty for his entire term.

The group suggests that Trump was the “the first pro-gay president when entering office”, a bizarre claim given he made no pledges on LGBT+ rights at all in 2016 or 2020 aside from his pledge to sign a proposed law to permit anti-LGBT+ discrimination on the grounds of religion.

Trump is also described as the “first Republican President in American history to enter office as a supporter of marriage equality”. In reality, ahead of the 2016 election Trump said he would “strongly consider” appointing Supreme Court justices to overturn equal marriage, before committing to picking justices from a list vetted by anti-LGBT+ groups.

Indeed, several of these points were made succinctly in 2016 by none other than the Log Cabin Republicans, when the group pointedly declined to endorse Trump’s presidential bid, citing his anti-LGBT+ policies.

The twice-impeached former president Donald Trump

The twice-impeached former president Donald Trump (Pete Marovich-Pool/Getty)

Internet not impressed with the Log Cabin Republicans.

Suffice to say, the clip has not gone down well outside of the increasingly-small circle of gay Trump firebrands.

A Twitter user quipped: “Just when you think LCR can’t be any more ridiculous, they never let you down.”

Another pointed out: “Less than two hours after Trump and his virulently anti-LGBTQ activist vice president Mike Pence were sworn into office, all mentions of LGBTQ issues were removed from the official White House webpage.”

One respondent said: “To me, Log Cabin Republicans are like Women for Trump. They take pleasure in remaining second-class citizens as long as they think they’re slightly elevated above other groups who are being treated like second-class citizens.”