Apex Legends reveals tantalising new gameplay mode and details behind mysterious Valkyrie

Apex Legends Valkyrie

A new 3 vs 3 Arena mode is coming to Apex Legends in the new season.

Revealed in a brand new trailer, the new mode is a more traditional take on the free-to-play online shooter’s battle royale gameplay.

It’s simple: two teams of three go head to head until the other team is wiped out.

Battles will take place in five all-new maps customised for this mode and separate from the rest of the game.

A twist is the ability to craft weapons. Before the match, players are held in a spawn room and are able to use the shop to select their loadout, including weapons, abilities and crafting materials.

Materials are also earned throughout the match. Players can use them at the start, or save them to give their equipment a boost later in the match. All gear is lost at the end of a round to start afresh.

Downed team members can be revived, but there are no respawns. The first team to win three victories with a two win margin will be declared the victors. A tie will lead to sudden death.

This mode is the first move from developer Respawn away from battle royale gameplay towards a more all-encompassing shooter experience.

Also shown in the new trailer is our first glimpse of Valkyrie gameplay.

Revealed last week in a story trailer, Valkyrie is the daughter of Viper from Respawn’s other game Titanfall, linking the two together.

With her jetpack, she takes the fight to the skies and can rain missiles on her opponents. Her inclusion should add more verticality to engagement.

Lastly, the trailer showed off the new Bocek Compound Bow. It requires accuracy to use and has two additional hop-ups: Shatter Caps, for a shotgun-like spread, and Deadeye’s Tempo, for high speed firing.

These additions will come to the new season of Apex Legends: Legacy, launching on 4 May.

Fans are, needless to say, pretty excited about the new content.