Apex Legends introduces first trans character Catalyst and fans are overjoyed

Catalyst in Apex Legends.

Hugely popular first-person shooter Apex Legends is getting its first trans character named Catalyst – and fans are loving it.

Respawn Entertainment introduced the character in a clip on Monday (17 October) where Catalyst – whose real name is Tressa – and her friends explore the vast Outlands together.

During a conversation, she confirms that she is transgender by saying: “I feel like the whole world has opened up, now that I’m myself,” adding that transitioning “was sort of hard.”

Her friend, Margo, replies saying: “Look at you now, you’ll go on to do great things.”

According to GamesRadar, developers worked closely with both the pro-LGBTQ+ media nonprofit GLAAD and several of its openly trans employees to bring the character to life.

Catalyst will become playable in a fresh November update alongside a new map and items for players to enjoy.

Her abilities include a resin shot that allows Catalyst to build ramps and other fortifications, while she can also use a “Ferro Wall” to help launch her into the air.

Fans couldn’t be more excited for the reveal, with users across social media applauding the added inclusion in an already diverse roster of characters.

Another thanked developers for “including every walk of life in your game.”

“When I first saw myself represented… it changed my life. Everyone deserves to feel that,” another said.

Despite the fairly unanimous excitement for Catalyst’s inclusion. Certain transphobic members of the community tried to argue that the game was going “woke.”

Others hit back at the claim, saying: “I love how every time there’s an LGBT Legend that comes out they’re like, ‘I’m quitting Apex Legends,’ yet they’re still here.”

Another exclaimed: “Why are people p***ed about this legend bro, it’s a video game.”

No amount of naysaying from bigots could stop queer fans from enjoying the character’s touching moment with her friends. Some pointed out the refreshing way she came out in the trailer.

“No small or hidden subliminals. No backstory you’ll have to research. The confirmation is there, AND it’s canon,” one user said.

“This level of representation is a big W for the trans community, and it’s amazing.”

Apex Legends is the most diverse video game according to study

According to a 2021 study, Apex Legends has been named one of the most diverse video games currently available.

Gaming company Diamond Lobby found that at least 80 per cent of preset characters in video games are male, while 54 per cent are white.

Researchers looked at over 100 games from 2017 – 2021 and found that Apex Legends was by far the most diverse.

Without counting Catalyst’s eventual inclusion in the game, half of the characters are female or non-white, while six identify as LGBTQ+.

Additionally, the study found that 63.3 per cent of games have both male and female playable characters, while 31.7 per cent had only male characters, while a mere 5 per cent only had female characters.

The study did not include games featuring customisable characters, such as Animal Crossing: New Horizons or Saints Row.