You can now shout ‘gay rights!’ with a customised Pride flag Xbox controller

Xbox Design Lab

Xbox has re-launched their Design Lab, meaning you can now shout “gay rights!” with your Xbox controller.

The Design Lab allows gamers to create their own customised Xbox controller, changing various controller elements from a palette of 18 colours.

As well as colours, the controller can be engraved at the bottom for an extra fee.

Sadly the customised controllers are only available in the US.

Already gamers have created their own Pride-themed controllers. Here are some designs in different Pride flag colours, including trans, non-binary, ace and bisexual.

The ability to custom design controllers somewhat makes up for the fact the Xbox official Pride controller is not available to purchase.

As part of their Pride celebrations this year, Xbox created some special Pride controllers which have been handed out as gifts to some very lucky key influencers.

The design “combines the flags of various LGBTQIA+ communities in an interwoven energetic way, creating a sense of unity, and evoking both technology and the modern age”.

It’s just one part of their Pride celebration that includes donations to charity, a profile theme, and Pride merch. Other gaming companies have also been celebrating Pride.

Elsewhere, gamers have been very creative with their Xbox controller designs.

Some have recreated other controller designs, like the classic grey of the PlayStation 1 or the iconic purple GameCube controllers.

Others have recreated the colours of famous pop culture characters. There’s a selection of controllers based on Pokémon or The Avengers, as well as Gundam, Buzz Lightyear and Life is Strange.

Or perhaps you just want your favourite colours in a dream combination, like this stunning pink creation.

To create your own controller, head to the Xbox Design Labs page.

The controllers are priced at $69.99, with engraving available for an extra $9.99.

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