‘GODtribe’ launched to protect straight, white, cis men from being ‘feminised or called racist’

rick wiles hate preacher lgbt social media godtribe

Anti-LGBT+ hate preacher Rick Wiles is launching a new social media platform to protect young men from being “feminised, criticised, or called racist”.

The notorious far-right pundit, who hosts the conspiracy theory-ridden Christian news programme TruNews, announced on an episode last week that he was launching a “social media educational platform digital platform” called GODtribe.

The preacher, who claimed God sent COVID-19 “to purge a lot of sin off this planet” before being hospitalised with the virus, said on his show: “It’s primarily meant to minister to young men, to disciple them, and to give young men a place to congregate where they feel safe.

“Because especially here in America, a lot of young men feel like they’re under attack, and they are under attack.

“The culture warriors in this country are breaking down traditions, morals, family structure, they’ve been doing this for decades.

“They are aiming their guns at young men. They want to feminise them. They want to demonise them. They want to criminalise them. They want to, you know, depress them, so that they will not act like the men that God created them to be.”

“Certainly people my age, we’ve never imagined a society where people question their gender,” he added.

“It’s like, it’s very obvious what your gender is, OK?”

Wiles cried: “Where do you young men turn to be affirmed in their identity as a male? A straight male living for Christ in a Pagan world? Where do they go right now?”

Luckily, the far-right conspiracy theorist has the answer – he explained that GODtribe is a social media platform for men “where there’s nobody coming in and calling them a white racist”, and where they can discuss “hunting, fishing and fixing cars”.

“The antichrist forces worked quietly for decades to infiltrate every aspect of American society and to rot it,” he said.

“Just absolutely rot it… This is the antidote.”

rick wiles hate preacher lgbt social media godtribe

GODtribe looks eerily similar to another social media platform. (TruNews)

Rick Wiles’ social media platform is definitely not based in China

Rick Wiles showed a mock-up of what GODtribe will look like, which was suspiciously similar to Facebook, but it has one very special feature – “campfires”.

He asked: “What do men like to do when they go camping?

“They start a fire, they sit around the campfire and they talk. So we started a digital campfire.”

He admitted that “campfires” on GODtribe are essentially the same as the audio chat app Clubhouse, except for one key difference: “Clubhouse… is built on a platform owned by a company in China, which means that all of your audio chats are in a server in China.

“Your chats here in campfires… there’s privacy. We’re not sending your private chats to communist China.”

To be clear, Clubhouse is owned by California-based company Alpha Exploration Co. It is not based in China, and has actually been blocked in the country. 

Wiles said he expects GODtribe to be launched in “late summer, early fall, September-ish, October-ish”.