Upcoming LGBT+ game Life is Strange: True Colors to include innovative ‘crowd choice mode’

Life is Strange: True Colors

Life is Strange: True Colors will include a special crowd choice mode for streamers, it has been announced.

The series is known for its choice-based narrative, so what better way to play on Twitch than with community involvement?

The crowd choice function will allow Twitch streamers to offer their audience the chance to vote on major story moments.

The Crowd Choice Extension for Twitch can be used by connecting your Square Enix members account to the game, and then selecting Crowd Choice from the “Live Stream” menu in the game.

There are two further options. Full Democracy means viewer votes will decide the choices automatically; Suggestion allows the streamer to decide whether to follow viewers, or make their own choice.

Life is Strange: True Colors follows bisexual protagonist Alex Chen who has the psychic ability to empathise with the emotions of those around her.

Those emotions will be portrayed creatively as coloured auras around characters, with Alex able to alter those emotions over the course of the narrative.

A recent gameplay video also revealed the two love interests: Steph Gingrich and Ryan Lucan.

Choosing a romance option will be a key choice Twitch streamers will now be able to fully share with their viewers.

And as Alex investigates the mystery behind a tragic family event, there are sure to be many difficult choices in the game.

Will viewer votes help or hinder those decisions though?

What’s more, the Crowd Choice Extension will be available in other supported games in future too.

Life is Strange: True Colors is due out on 10 September across PlayStation and Xbox consoles, PC and Stadia, with a Switch version due later this year.

Download the Crowd Choice Extension here.

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