Trans wrestler Nyla Rose and wife lay the smackdown on hateful AEW fan’s transphobic sign

Nyla Rose screams while in the ring at the AEW Women's World Championship in 2019

A fan was booted from an All Elite Wrestling Dynamite event for holding up a transphobic sign towards trans wrestling star Nyla Rose.

Rose went down in history when she signed on to All Elite Wrestling, known by its acronym AEW, in 2019. The move made AEW the first major league to sign an openly trans wrestler. Rose is also the first trans wrestler to win a major American title when she won the AEW Women’s World Championship in 2019.

So, needless to say, she’s an absolute legend in the wrestling world. Sadly, this hasn’t stopped people from attempting to send hate towards the wrestling star.

Rose was in Greensboro, North Carolina, on Wednesday (22 December) for a fierce match-up against Ruby Soho in the semi-finals of the TBS Championship Tournament.

As Rose stepped into the ring, a fan was seen on live TV holding up a sign reading: “Nyla Rose is this guy’s dad.” The sign had an arrow pointing toward the person next to them.

Without missing a beat, Nyla Rose flipped the attendee a middle finger.

Her wife captured the amazing moment in a beautiful tweet, writing “my wife is the strongest person I know”.

She also confirmed that security at the event “removed the a*****e with the sign as soon as they could”.

Numerous fans shared support for Nyla Rose on Twitter.

Nyla Rose took to Twitter to address the waves of support she’s received from fans since the disgusting incident.

“Thanks everyone…. SOME of y’all are pretty cool,” she wrote.

The incident is the second occurrence in recent weeks where wrestling fans have lobbed anti-LGBT+ hate towards an AEW star.

Earlier this month, a fan was heard yelling a homophobic slur at openly gay wrestler Anthony Bowens during ​​a live broadcast of AEW’s Dynamite.

Shortly afterwards, Bowens declared on Twitter that he was “not phased” as “stuff like this unfortunately still exists”. He added he would “just keep fighting against stuff like this ‘till the day I die”.