Sex and the City fan’s incredible drag tribute to Carrie Bradshaw has the SJP seal of approval

Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw in And Just Like That...Dan Clay as Carrie Dragshaw

Viral sensation Dan Clay is officially giving Sarah Jessica Parker a run for her money thanks to his incredible drag persona, Carrie Dragshaw.

Indeed, the Sex and the City superfan has amassed thousands of followers who can’t get enough of his spot-on versions of the looks worn by beloved character, Carrie Bradshaw.

Whether it’s her classic SATC outfits or the more recent ensembles she’s been seen wearing in the reboot series, And Just Like That…, Carrie Dragshaw never misses.

Clay was first inspired to transform into SJP’s character for Halloween in 2016. Soon, he launched a dedicated Instagram account in which he not only recreates Carrie’s outfits, but also writes captions written in the character’s voice.

We couldn’t help but wonder… might this drag queen be even more iconic than the fashionista who inspired her?

Sarah Jessica Parker has had nothing but praise for Carrie Dragshaw after the pair meet during an episode of Watch What Happen Live! with Andy Cohen in 2018.

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Clay was crowned the winner of the OMG Drag Pageant winner and received his winning trophy from Parker herself.

“If you look at Dan’s Instagram page, it’s kinda staggering what he does,” Parker told Cohen as she gave Carrie Dragshaw her seal of approval.

Taking to Instagram afterwards, Dan wrote: “I’m overflowing with gratitude and it seems to be crowding out the words I might find to express how magical, and incredible, and fun, and surreal and marvelous and inconceivable and fabulous and unforgettable and ohmygod and and and !!!!

“And to @sarahjessicaparker – for as long as I breathe I will never forget your kindness.”

Naturally, followers are left gagging with every single post as one fan commented: “Please release a coffee table book of all your posts ?”

“You’re the Carrie we need, the captions are precious. ,” another stated.

In fact, followers are now calling for Carrie Dragshaw to become a member of the And Just Like That… writing team as another fan added: “Why are you not writing for the show!? Your captions are always so perfect and i can always hear Carrie’s voice and intonation when i read them. And the whimsy of them…so good!”