Anne Hathaway flooring Kelly Clarkson with her own song is the light we need in this dark world

Anne Hathaway surprising Kelly Clarkson with Since U Been Gone cover is iconic

The Kelly Clarkson Show is the gift that keeps on giving – especially when Anne Hathaway is involved.

Kelly Clarkson welcomed the Oscar-winning actor on her talk show on Tuesday (March 22)for a round of the song recognition game, Sing That Name That Tune.

Throughout the game, Anne Hathaway was putting Clarkson to shame and it led the singer to asked host Matt Iseman to “play a fricking song I’ll know”.

The live band proceeded to launch into the intro of her 2004 hit, “Since U Been Gone”. Surprisingly, it was The Princess Diaries star Hathaway who immediately recognised the song and belted out its iconic chorus.

Clarkson was so stunned by Hathaways’s speed and vocals that she threw herself to the floor before slowly getting back up and asking: “How did you know it from just that?”

Anne Hathaway replied: “Kelly Clarkson, if you do not understand how much we all love that song… Everybody here knew it on the first one. Everybody here knew it! … I love that song.”

The three-time Grammy winner joked that after not getting her own song, she should just call it a day on the show she has hosted since 2019.

She laughed: “Should I just quit? Oh my God. This is embarrassing… Whatever, I’m so happy for you. Jesus, take the wheel.”

Viewers couldn’t decide what they loved most about the moment as they reacted to Clarkson’s face-plant and Hathaway’s powerhouse vocals.

“Didn’t know she could sing like that. She had guts to be able to sing that in front of Kelly,” one fan commented.

Another joked: “Anne Hathaway is a theater kid, you will never beat a theater kid at these types of games (even if you are the untouchable Kelly Clarkson)”

One fan tweeted: “Kelly Clarkson collapsing on the floor as Anne Hathaway perfectly belts out Since U Been gone is genuinely the most powerful video to exist.”