Jonathan Bailey says he can’t live without his skincare products and a book of C**k in adorable clip

Jonathan Bailey has revealed the 10 things he can't live without, including his skincare. (YouTube)

Jonathan Bailey has revealed his favourite things, from skincare products to a book of C**k.

The Bridgerton actor discusses the the 10 things he can’t live without in an adorable interview with GQ Magazine.

This includes giving viewers a glimpse into his skincare routine, so fans can copy his regency-style glow.

Fans of the actor loved the video, with many noting the difference between his “broody and intense” character in Bridgerton and his excitable out-of-character personality.

A number of fans called him “a ray of sunshine in human form”, while another wrote that they “had the biggest grin on my face watching this”.

So what are his 10 essential items? Well one is skincare, with the actor saying: “I think some people are born with skincare and some have skincare thrust upon them, and I think I’m the latter.”

His two product choices are Vichy Mineral 89, a Hyaluronic Acid that’s “a glass of water for the face” and his “all-time favourite” from brand Emma Hardie.

It’s the Moisture Boost Vit+C Cream, which he says is a “super food for the skin, it gives you a glow”, adding that every product from the brand is “unrivalled”.

The Vichy Mineral 89 is priced at £18.75 and you can get it from Amazon, while the Emma Hardie product is priced at £38.50 from Amazon.

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Some of his other items he can’t live without include books, with Bailey highlighting Matt Haig’s The Comfort Book, which he says helps him through stressful times.

The other book is a play text of C**k, which he’s currently starring in on London’s West End at Ambassadors Theatre.

He says that he keeps the book in his pocket, or rather “I keep my C**k in my pocket”, so he can learn the lines while on the go.

Jonathan Bailey says he carries round a copy of the play C**k in his pocket. (YouTube)

Jonathan Bailey says he carries round a copy of the play C**k in his pocket. (YouTube)

He’s also a big fan of fanny packs, mittens, muesli, his swan keychain, his headphones and a worry pebble, which he “literally takes everywhere”.

Jonathan Bailey thought he “needed to be straight” to be happy

Bailey recently opened up about the pressure he felt to hide his sexuality to make it big in Hollywood.

During pilot season, when studios create samples of new shows, the Bridgerton actor was given insensitive advice from an actor friend to suppress who he is early on in his career.

“There’s two things we don’t want to know,” the friend told him, Bailey recounted to GQ Hype, “if you’re an alcoholic or if you’re gay.”

Having already come out to his friends and family in his 20s, Bailey said he had reservations about publicly coming out as gay – which he did in 2018.

“All it takes is for one of those people in that position of power to say that and it ripples through,” Bailey said of the damaging effect the so-called advice had on his mental health. “So, yeah, of course, I thought that.

“Of course, I thought that in order to be happy I needed to be straight.”

“I reached a point where I thought, ‘F**k this,’ I’d much prefer to hold my boyfriend’s hand in public or be able to put my own face picture on Tinder and not be so concerned about that than get a part,” he explained.