Kelly Rowland tells fan ‘come on my face’ in hysterically NSFW exchange

Kelly Rowland attends the 2022 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Kelly Rowland, one-third of the holy trinity that was Destiny’s Child, left fans in hysterics after telling someone to “come on my face”.

Rowland, 41, was the dictionary definition of wholesome on Tuesday evening (12 May) when she took to Twitter to wish her nearly seven million followers a good day.

“Good evening Beautiful People!!!!” she tweeted, with enough exclamation marks to rival Britney Spears’ Instagram captions. “Can you tell me your favourite thing about yourself?”

Many users answered back with everything from their hair to their self-determination, their smile to their “patience,” explained one user.

“Real good patience. Proof? Waiting since 2013 for another album…”

A user then jumped in to say their favourite thing about themselves is their face, a tweet that Rowland herself liked. But her quote tweet of it, well, leaves very, very little room for the imagination.

“COME ON MY FACE!! Like….MY WHOLE FACE!!” Rowland replied in a since-deleted tweet. “CATCH IT!! I love it!!!”

Er, yeah. She tweeted that, in an exchange that almost everyone agreed was a masterclass in why punctuation and grammar are both aggressively important between “come on my face” and “come on, my face”.

“My mind is deep in the gutter,” said one user.

Another joked: “Exhibit 479 of why grammar is important.”

“This is hilarious,” a third person said, “she’s so pure.”

Kelly Rowland later said she had to delete “‘that’ tweet” as she read everyone’s replies and realised that the “tone” of the tweet was read as a lot more not safe for work than she realised.

Kelly, in other words, could not handle it.

“I just saw what y’all were talking about!” she said, sounding like a ticked off parent scolding her kids. “That statement was NOT that tone, and all you know it!!

“No one was kind enough to warn me!”

“It really is funny…” Rowland said after she realised what she unintentionally typed. “Anyways, punctuation matters! GoodMorning!”