Marjorie Taylor Greene wants to make it illegal to take kids to drag shows

Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has struck again, with another unwarranted anti-LGBTQ+ proclamation likening drag shows to “strip clubs.”

In a tweet posted on Tuesday (6 June) Greene wrote: “It should be illegal to take children into Drag Queen shows and strip clubs.”

The relentlessly transphobic US lawmaker didn’t stop there and added: “There should be no federal funding for any school that intentionally confuses children about gender/sexuality.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene stated that any teachers caught doing this should be fired and “lose all benefits”.

“I could care less what 2 consenting adults do sexually, nor do I judge, but when it comes to adults training children sexually, both mentally & physically, I do care,” she added.

Greene ended her tirade against drag shows and wrote: “We must protect children from child grooming predators & abusers in every way possible.”

Despite Greene stating that she is trying to protect children from abuse, her recent hire of right-wing figure and ex-gay Milo Yiannopolous raised a few eyebrows. Political commentator Brian Tyler Cohen tweeted: “Your new intern advocates for exactly what you accuse others of doing?”

In 2017, footage leaked online which showed Yiannopolous discussing sex between “younger boys and older men”, according to the Guardian.

“I think particularly in the gay world, and outside the Catholic Church – if that’s where some of you want to go with this – I think in the gay world some of the most important, enriching and incredibly life-affirming, important shaping relationships [are] very often between younger boys and older men,” he said. “They can be hugely positive experiences.”

Yiannopolous would later post on Facebook denying he supported paedophilia and claimed the video had been “selectively edited”. The former Breitbart editor is also currently in the process of opening a conversion therapy centre in Florida and last year held a fundraising event called “Pray the Gay Away“.

This is not Marjorie Taylor Greene’s first controversial statement and will definitely not be her last. She has previously complained that drag queens wearing clothes of a different gender is inappropriate in front of children and claimed on a Facebook Live on 28 May that straight people would soon be extinct.

Greene said: “Probably in about four or five generations – no one will be straight anymore.”

She has also claimed the Democratic Party is turning “kids gay and transgender.”