Drag Race All Stars cut Raja reading Michelle Visage to filth, queen claims

Michelle Visage (left) and Raja (right)

Trinity the Tuck has spilled the tea on shade thrown between Raja and Michelle Visage on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 7.

Fans have noted that the all-winners season has been entirely devoid of negative critiques, with the judges only seen giving positive feedback to the eight queens.

But according to Trinity, that’s not how things actually went down.

Trinity went viral on TikTok after a recording from a live gig showed her claiming that behind-the-scenes drama that was cut from the show.
Everyone thinks that the judges didn’t give us negative critiques on All Stars 7, they did. They did give us negative critiques, they just chose to edit that out,” she said.

“RuPaul has that song, ‘Blame It On The Edit’? Well, b***h, I’m blaming it on the edit. The edit was they chose not to show any of the negative critiques – which is fine, it made everybody look great!”

Trinity claimed that during episode three, Michelle gave Raja negative feedback.

Raja looked dead at Michelle and said: ‘Who are you to judge me? You have no credentials other than being the host’s best friend,'” Trinity said.

“Then we got offstage, backstage in the werk room, the cameras were cut and she told all the producers [about Michelle] ‘She should be fired.’
“I don’t know whether I agree or not, that’s just what she said. We’re spilling the tea right here.”


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Rumours of a showdown had been circulating since June, when Drag Race alum William Belli said in an Instagram live: “I don’t know if it’s going to make the air, but [Michelle] gives it to someone who has needed it to been given to for a long time coming, and this b***h gets it.”

Visage is yet to respond but Raja did repost Trinity’s TikTok to her Instagram story with the caption “@trinitythetuck is an embellishment queen!”
Since then Trinity has also tweeted a statement playing down her claims.

Also y’all I’m a VERY sarcastic , self deprecating drag queen.. please don’t take everything I say so serious.. it’s NOT that serious,” she said.

“The ‘tea’ I spill and pretty much anything I post is mostly in good fun and to keep y’all entertained.

“Definitely truths to some things but drag queens make snarky jokes to lighten the mood. So don’t take it too serious y’all.”