Suella Braverman wants schools to misgender trans kids and force them into ‘third’ bathroom

Suella Braverman wants schools to be able to misgender trans kids

Attorney general Suella Braverman will reportedly give a speech telling schools they have no legal requirement to honour transgender pupils’ pronouns or requests.

Braverman, the government’s chief legal adviser, will say on Wednesday (10 August) that schools can ignore requests from trans children regarding their school uniform and pronouns.

The speech will be made to the Policy Exchange think tank, according to the Daily Mail, and will see Braverman claim that trans and cis students should not share bathrooms, and that a third bathroom should be offered to trans students, to preserve single-sex spaces.

This is not the first time Braverman has hit out at schools affirming trans students, telling The Times in May that teachers should not “pander” to trans pupils.

“A male child who says in a school that they are a trans girl, that they want to be female, is legally still a boy or a male… And schools have a right to treat them as such under the law,” she said at the time.

“They don’t have to say: ‘OK, we’re going to let you change your pronoun or let you wear a skirt or call yourself a girl’s name.'”

Braverman made a brief bid for the Conservative leadership in July.

She was criticised for leading her campaign with several attacks on the trans community, including the claim that Britain must “get rid of all of this woke rubbish”.

Speaking to ITV’s Robert Peston 12 hours before Boris Johnson confirmed his resignation, Braverman said: “We need to get rid of all of this woke rubbish and get back to a country where describing a man and a woman in terms of biology does not mean that you’re going to lose your job.”

The claim was an apparent reference to the Maya Forstater tribunal ruling in July, in which a judge found that Forstater, a tax researcher, was discriminated against because of “gender-critical” beliefs.

Braverman was knocked out of the Tory leadership in the second round of voting.