Jinkx Monsoon shares advice on how to read someone to filth: ‘Start with what you love’

Jinkx Monsoon perfomring the Roast challenge in Drag Race: All Stars 7

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 7 winner Jinkx Monsoon has shared advice to future drag performers on how to read each other to filth.

The Queen of all Queens, who is currently performing at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, spoke to Variety about how to pull off the ultimate roasting. 

She said: “Start with what you love about that person and work out from there. 

“I truly believe that roasting with my sisters is one of the things that’s brought me closest to some of the performers that I’ve worked with. So, start with what you love about that person and then exaggerate it.”

Monsoon went further saying that roasting can even be empowering for all the queens out there. 

“I love when we all roast each other,” she explained, “because then we get to laugh at ourselves and our sisters before the actual enemies out there in the world try to tear us down with the same remarks. 

“There’s something about a sister making a joke about you that doesn’t make it hurt as much as when the toxic people out there trying to hurt you with the same observations.”

Monsoon’s advice is certainly valuable as she completely dominated the Roast challenge during her victorious season on All Stars 7. 

Praised for her “masterclass in timing, intelligence and wit” viewers saw her obliterate the competition, creating some of the classiest dick and incest jokes around. 

And it seems like it has been a long-time love of Monsoon’s who tweeted back in 2017: “I love doing the Haters Roast with my sisters. I love nothing more than laughing at myself!… if the joke is clever!!”

Outside the roasting, Jinkx Monsoon revealed her favourite challenge across both her seasons was the Snatch Game, where contestants do their best celebrity impressions. 

She said: “I love seeing the way all the performers’ minds work because you really get a look into that person’s sense of humor and the way that person’s brain works when you watch snatch game.”

In the All Stars season, Monsoon blew fans away with their impression of Orange Is the New Black star Natasha Lyonne and Judy Garland, much to the delight of fans.