YouTuber Charlie McDonnell proudly comes out as trans: ‘New gender just dropped’

Charlie McDonnell (Charlieissocoollike) comes out as trans.

British YouTuber Charlie McDonnell, also known as charlieissocoollike, has come out as trans to her 152,000 followers on Instagram.

She posted for the first time in two years to tell her followers, writing on her Instagram story: “New gender just dropped.”

Her coming out post is a simple selfie, with grown-out hair and a yellow top, alongside the caption: “Still going by Charlie but the new pronouns are she/they!” with the trans and non-binary flag.

McDonnell was one of the first major YouTube stars and was the first in this UK to reach a million subscribers.

She stepped back from the public eye a few years ago, and has scrubbed their YouTube channel – which still has 2.12 million subscribers – of all its videos. 

Despite their time away from social media, their recent coming out post has received support from familiar faces and fans alike. 


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It’s a Sin and Doctor Who showrunner, Russell T Davies commented: “Hello Charlie! Much love”, while other British YouTubers, who made their names around the same time as Charlie, also flocked to congratulate her.

This includes YouTuber Dan Howell and others such as Lucy Moon, Emma Blackery and PJ.

Charlie McDonnell now lives in Toronto and works as a screenwriter and author. They can still be found online as on Twitch where she is regularly streaming content.

The reaction from fans has also been delightful, with an overwhelmingly positive amount of support online.

One fan, mimicking the famous charlieissocoolike outro, recorded by Stephen Fry, wrote: “You’ve just had the almost imponderable joy of watching charlieissocoollike coming out as trans, which makes you, like, cool”

Another added: “charlieissocoollike coming out as trans has just made my whole week, she’s genuinely been one of my inspirations since I was 13.”

Fans are also sharing how Charlie’s videos have been a source of comfort when they’ve been trying to understand their own identities.

“Overjoyed with the news, her channel was such a massive part of my childhood, it’s always lovely seeing someone I looked it up to so heavily come out as trans, very affirming,” one fan wrote.

Fans of other British YouTubers have previous when it comes to celebrating the identity of their favourite content creators.

In 2019 Daniel Howell (Danisnotonfire) broke their silence by returning to YouTube with an hour-long video coming out as gay.

He was joined by his other YouTube half Phil Lester (AmazingPhil), who also came out at the same time. 

Abigail Thorn (Philosophy Tube) made a video coming out as a trans woman at the beginning of 2021 in a viral video.