Taylor Swift casts trans model Laith Ashley as love interest in Midnights video

Taylor and Laith

Taylor Swift has teased an unnamed Midnights video starring trans actor Laith Ashley as her love interest in a huge “win for sexy people”.

Hours before she dropped her 10th album – and its surprise 3am Edition – Swift teased a number of upcoming music videos with a video posted to Instagram.

The montage features snippets from several different music videos – we see Swift in a starry cloak, a bath of purple liquid, a bejewelled head dress and a glittery corset.

The snippet that has caught the attention of fans, though, is one of Swift lying in bed with Laith Ashley, with Swift stroking a pool of glittery rainbow liquid on Ashley’s back.

Laith Ashley and Taylor Swift in the teaser for Swift’s upcoming music videos (@taylorswift/ Instagram)

Taylor tagged the Dominican actor, whose full name is Laith Ashley De La Cruz, in the post. He reposted the teaser trailer to his Instagram story, writing: “You are a magic. Thank you for letting me play a small part in your story.”


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Delighted by the news, fans have been heaping praise (and thirst) on Ashley and his inclusion in the project.

One wrote: “People discovering Laith Ashley because of Taylor’s music video is so cool. Trans guys definitely deserve more representation. Didn’t think I could love Taylor more but here we are.”


The end of the teaser features a cast list of those involved, including Laura Dern, Dita Von Teese and the HAIM sisters, who also featured on Taylor’s album previous album, evermore.

Both the album and the “Anti-Hero” music video are out now; the singer/songwriter released Midnights on 21 October to mostly rave reviews from critics and fans alike.

Some, however, have criticised the fact that Lana Del Rey’s ‘feature’ on “Snow on the Beach” is nearly inaudible.

Swift surprised fans with a special edition of Midnights that features seven bonus tracks, because she simply doesn’t sleep, clearly.