Young Royals stars reveal their favourite scenes: ‘The first kiss is iconic’

A screenshot of Edvin Ryding as Wilhelm and Omar Rudberg as Simon from Netflix show Young Royals. (Netflix)

As Young Royals season two drops, co-stars Edvin Ryding and Omar Rudberg have revealed their favourite Wilhelm-Simon interaction.

Although Prince Wilhelm (Ryding) and Simon (Rudberg) ended season one on rocky terms as they parted, heartbroken, for the Christmas holidays, they had their fair share of adorable interactions.

The series captured people’s hearts by depicting the sweet love story that develops between teenagers Simon and Swedish Prince Wilhelm after they meet at their boarding school.

As they figure out their feelings for one another and embark on a secret relationship, drama begins to unfold when Wilhelm has to reckon with the responsibilities of the monarchy while Simon has to decide if this relationship is healthy for him.

‘So intimate and beautiful’

Despite the hardships they go through, from their first kiss to the absolutely devastating ending where Wilhelm tells Simon he loves him to no response – there are too many Wilmon moments to choose from.

“The first kiss is iconic,” Rudberg tells PinkNews, “I love the first kiss, it is so intimate and so beautiful.”

Although the first kiss is certainly a memorable moment in Young Royals history, Rudberg also has another favourite scene.

“The fish scene where Wilhelm is in Simon’s room for the first time,” he admits. The scene quickly became a fan favourite for its endearing nature, where Wilhelm is asking Simon about his fishes.

“Then they start like hugging. That whole moment is so beautiful,” Rudberg concludes.

Simon (L) and Wilhelm (R) kiss for the first time in Young Royals. (Netflix)

Simon (L) and Wilhelm kiss for the first time. (Netflix)

For Ryding, he picked another iconic moment by going for the football field scene where Wilhelm phones Simon up while he is high and chaos ensues. Eventually Simon comes to collect Wilhelm in a tender moment which Ryding describes it as a “beautiful scene”.

But Ryding also had a second option. He has a particular love for the scene at the end of the season where Wilhelm plans to deny he was in the leaked video of the two of them having sex made by August (Malte Gårdinger).

Before he leaves, they spend one last moment together in Wilhelm’s room. “They are cuddling in Wilhelm’s room and I think that is so beautiful, and the communication between the two of them even when there is so much at stake.”

Wilhelm (L) asks Simon (R) about his fishes. (Netflix)

Wilhelm (L) asks Simon about his fishes. (Netflix)

As for their favourite characters, for Ryding he loves Simon’s sister Sara, whereas Rudberg controversially chose August, asking “who doesn’t like August” and calling him a “really cool character.”

Creator and director Lisa Ambjorn agrees, adding: “August was the character where you love to hate him and everyone’s asking ‘Is he good? Is he bad?’

“But no one is either good or bad. They are just humans, and they make good or bad decisions at certain points.” Although she says all her characters are “really, really funny and amazing”.

Young Royals season one and two are now available to watch on Netflix.