Boy George blames homophobia for furious I’m a Celeb backlash – but maybe it’s the abuse conviction

Boy George has blamed “homophobia” for people’s negative response to him joining I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! – although it may also have something to do with his criminal record.

Convicted abuser Boy George was announced in the ITV show’s lineup, despite previously declaring that he wouldn’t appear on the show, which has since been slammed for platforming him. 

The Culture Club singer has now blamed homophobia for the fact he is being “trolled” online. 

“Online people now voice their opinions, but I actually get a lot of love,” he told the Metro.

“I’m surprised I’m not trolled more, and maybe I just don’t care about that, because with things like homophobia, I look at that like it’s someone else’s disease.

“It doesn’t make me less queer, I’m going to be more queer.”

Many people have shared their disappointment at his appearance on the show, given his past conviction for false imprisonment of a male escort. 

In 2009 he was sentenced to 15 months in jail for attacking Norwegian model Audun Carlsen. During the attack, he proceeded to handcuff Carlsen to a radiator and beat him with a metal chain.

Boy George also said the show used to be “more aggressive” and claimed that TV has “calmed down,” with people not being as “combative anymore”.

He described the world as a “nicer place”, as “you can’t just say what you want to people anymore”.

‘Appalling lack of judgement’

Boy George’s appearance in I’m a Celeb comes weeks after he was under the spotlight for being part of BBC’s Drag Race UK season four guest star lineup.

Sex worker T6X87 told PinkNews BBC’s decision to platform Boy George “demonstrates an appalling lack of judgment and shows that sexual violence is not taken seriously – perhaps the rules are different if the victim is a gay man and a sex worker?”

I’m a Celebrity… kicks off on Sunday (6 November) at 9pm on ITV. 

PinkNews has contacted LGBT+ anti-abuse charity Galop for comment.