Drag Race’s Cynthia Lee Fontaine reveals she needs double hip replacement: ‘I’m gonna beat this’

A screenshot of Cynthia Lee Fontaine wearing a purple dress taken from TV show RuPaul's Drag Race

Cynthia Lee Fontaine, who appeared on seasons eight and nine of RuPaul’s Drag Race, has revealed that she needs two hip replacement operations – after previously recovering from cancer.

The drag superstar returned on season nine after being eliminated third in the previous season; she was brought back as a contestant by RuPaul for a second chance at the crown, however, it is understood that she had stage one undiagnosed liver cancer during the filming of season eight.

Since then, the ‘Cucu’ queen has gone into remission but has now revealed a new health battle.

Taking to Twitter, she said she has been diagnosed with Avascular Necrosis, a condition that causes the death of bone tissue due to a lack of blood supply.

In a voiceover, Fontaine said: “Hi mis amores. Since last year I’ve been having a lot of pain in my hips.

“After going to the doctor… I was diagnosed with Avascular Necrosis. They’re doing chemo and a lot of pain medication I’ve been taking before.

“Now I’m gonna have my first surgery on November 9 and it’s gonna be hip replacement on my left side and then in January, in my right side.

In the video, the Drag Race star is seen walking with the aid of a cane.

“All I’m asking for all of you is positive energy and prayers, stream my music, support my content, but most of all you can send me messages of encouragement and love.

“I promise to you, if I beat cancer, I’m gonna beat this too.”

Multiple Drag Race contestants have voiced their support for Cynthia on Twitter, including her season nine sister, Shea Coulée.

“Love you Cynthia! Praying for you”, wrote Coulée in response to the video.

Others to send Cynthia well-wishes include Mrs Kasha Davis and Dusty Ray Bottoms.

Mrs. Kasha Davis wrote: “Love you!!! I’m so very encouraged by your brightness and positivity during this time of change and I KNOW you’ll power through your recovery with determination and LOVE! I’m always a text away!”

Dusty Ray Bottoms added: “Love you! Thank you for always staying so positive and showing the world your love! You got this!”