I’m A Celeb: Boy George slammed for hypocrisy after Matt Hancock criticism

Boy George

Boy George has been criticised for taking the moral high ground over Matt Hancock while appearing on I’m A Celebrity – despite the singer having been to prison for chaining and beating a sex worker.

The former Health Secretary has been grilled by fellow campmates on his performance as Health Secretary and the affair which lead to his departure from the role. Scarlette Douglas told him: “People are angry and upset … because a lot of things that happened” – referring to his government role during the Covid 19 pandemic.

After being grilled by fellow campmates, Boy George broke down in tears and said he would have left the show had his mother (who was in hospital for Covid during the pandemic) died.

Hancock said: “We all make mistakes. I made a pretty big one.”

Coronation Street actor Sue Cleaver said on the show: “It was the elephant in the room, wasn’t it? I was glad that he said it and a line should be drawn beneath it and the elephant has departed.”

However, viewers and fans of the show have pointed out that no campmates have brought up George’s prison sentence for false imprisonment and allegedly beating a sex worker, calling the singer “hypocritical” for taking the moral high ground against Hancock.

On Sunday’s episode (13 November), Hancock was announced as camp leader with presenter Charlene White as his deputy. The move has instigated tension among the cast, with Boy George being the most vocal about his dissent.

Following a recent eating challenge (11 November), during which George told Hancock that he’d “never voted Tory”, George has voiced multiple complaints about Hancock’s place in the leader’s chair.

Charlene White joked that it was Hancock’s first victory in a leadership contest.

George said: “Ultimately, neither of them will have any power over me.

“If I don’t want to do something, I won’t do it.”

The singer also joked that he would join a rebellion against Hancock, singing a song in which he said he would never follow a Tory.

Other viewers have pointed out that despite the singer’s past, George went to prison and served time for the crimes he committed.

Both the former Culture Club singer and ex-Health Secretary are controversially starring in the 22nd series of the hit reality ITV show.

Both have sparked fierce debate with viewers due to their previous actions.