I’m A Celeb: Boy George out after stealing bananas and chumming up with Matt Hancock

A promo photo of Boy George dressed in his jungle uniform and standing in front of some tropical ferns for the ITV show I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! (ITV)

Boy George is the fourth contestant to leave I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here after he was kicked out in Tuesday’s (22 Nov) episode.

The Culture Club singer, who received the fewest “votes to save” from the public, survived the show for 18 days – but brought plenty of drama to the jungle while he was on the show.

He was the most vocal opponent of former health secretary Matt Hancock, but seemed to have changed his tune by the time he was eliminated.

“Having Matt in here was difficult for a lot of reasons,” he told Ant and Dec during his exit interview.

“He is just a person,” he continued, “he mucked in and was really doing a lot to help everyone.

“Everyone was very kind and thoughtful, helping me eat the right things.”

Considering his resolve to hate Hancock at the beginning of the show in which he said “I don’t want to be sitting here like I’m having fun with him”, as fans pointed out this was exactly the case by the end of the show.

As for why he was voted out, many think the fact he stole a banana from previously-eliminated contestant Sue Cleaver was the final straw.

When the campmates figured out he’d had both bananas, Hollyoaks actor Owen Warner, checked: “Without asking?”

To which Boy George responded: “Says the man who has had more to eat than anyone in this camp.”

Since Warner has been clear about how hungry he has been since the beginning of the series, many viewers dubbed the singer “selfish” and defended Warner.

The controversial contestant admitted he was glad to be leaving.

“Being honest, I’m happy to go today. For me, it was like can I do it? It was a lot tougher than I thought.”

As for his plans post-elimination? Boy George told viewers he’s rooting for Mike Tindall to win and hopes to catch up with all the contestants when it’s over.

“For some reason, I fancy my first meal as spaghetti with pesto. A nice cup of coffee is the first thing I’m going to drink.

“Very particular because I’ve been literally dreaming of coffee for a long time.”

Other highlights of Boy George’s time on the show have included Scarlette Douglas confronting him over his false imprisonment conviction and taking part in a vegetarian bush tucker trial, with only rotten fruit much to viewers’ disappointment.

And with Boy George heading out, some were shocked Matt Hancock had survived another day, while others were so thrilled that “Bye George” began trending on Twitter.

I’m a Celebrity…. Get Me Out of Here airs every night at 9pm on ITV.