Man issued ‘death threats’ to doctor for providing gender-affirming healthcare to trans patients

A trans rights protester holds a sign that reads: "Trans healthcare saves lives."

A Texas man is facing federal charges after allegedly making a “death threat” and saying in a voicemail to a US gender-affirming doctor “you’re all gonna burn”. 

Matthew Jordan Lindner, 38, has been charged with one count of transmitting interstate threats for his alleged August 31 voicemail. 

In the voicemail, Lindner, reportedly told the National LGBTQIA+ Health Education Center in Boston, Massachusetts: “You’ve woken up enough people. And upset enough of us. And you signed your own ticket.”

The centre provides educational programmes and resources for LGBTQIA-inclusive medical care.

Lindner went on to mention a doctor by name, adding: “You’re all gonna burn. There’s a group of people on their way to handle [the doctor]. You signed your own warrant, [doctor].”

If convicted, he could face up to five years in prison and up to $250,000 in fines.

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It follows the 38-year-old believing false online claims that a doctor who provides gender-affirming care for trans youth, and is associated with the centre, was “castrating our children”, reported.

US attorney Rachael S. Rollins said: “Death threats instill fear and terror in their targeted audiences. The conduct alleged here is not protected free speech. 

“The words used here do not amount to someone simply expressing their discontent or engaging in a heated debate. 

“Mr Lindner’s alleged conduct – a death threat – is based on falsehoods and amounts to an act of workplace violence.”

Rollins said the doctor, who cares for gender non-conforming and transgendered patients, should be able to “engage in this meaningful and necessary work without fear of physical harm or death.”

Lindner’s charges have been announced following the Department of Homeland Security warning the US of a “heightened threat environment” for LGBTQ+ people and minorities.

It follows a group of Proud Boys, fascists, and anti-LGBTQ+ protestors attempting to disrupt a drag bingo fundraiser in Texas in a tense altercation.

Meanwhile, in Seattle, a bar has been hit by gunfire, just days before a planned protest by a right-wing group against a Drag Queen Storytime event.