Marjorie Taylor Greene is absolutely furious about butt plugs

A picture showing a close-up image of US representative for Georgia Marjorie Taylor Greene next to a photoshopped cutout image of a butt plug, while in the pink background there are flame graphics

Marjorie Taylor Greene went on a rant about butt plugs during a Republican’s Club Gala – because of course she did.

The US representative for Georgia and far-right conspiracy theorist told the audience of young Republicans on Sunday (11 December) that she found butt plugs in the American store Target.

“By the way, you can pick up a butt plug or a dildo at Target and CVS nowadays,” she said while on stage to awkward reactions from the crowd. “I don’t even know how we got here.”

Nor do we Marjorie, nor do we.

In actuality, butt plugs are not currently available at CVS or Target at the time of reporting, though Greene may have been getting confused with other sexual health products.

Target and various other US-based shops have sold sexual health products as since 2019 – during the Trump administration.

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These include vital health products such as condoms, lube, and sexual health medication, while also including more leisurely products such as massagers.

What Greene failed to mention – while ranting about butt plugs – was that, according to several US-based price comparison sites, Target appears to be a fairly cheap alternative to professional or drugstore sexual health products.

Its products are lauded as cheap and reliable by online shoppers.

Aside from Greene’s seeming disdain for what her party routinely calls the “free market”, meaning that Target is, in fact, allowed to sell butt plugs if it wishes, several people pointed out there are far worse things to buy at American shops.

“Marjorie Taylor Greene is worried that you can buy a butt plug,” One user said. “I’m worried that you can buy an assault rifle to use on everyone in your community.”

While Target stopped selling guns very early in its existence, in the ’80s, companies such as Walmart have been routinely slammed for selling real firearms to individuals with no prior criminal convictions.

Others simply questioned the relevancy of her statement to anything happening at the gala, or anything at all.

“What does it matter?” one user said. “Do we care if a business is selling a legal product?”

“Who on earth would talk about dildos and butt plugs at a Christmas gala? Obviously, the crowd wasn’t impressed,” another said.

Marjorie Taylor Greene calls Kamala Harris ‘bland’

Elsewhere in her fumbled speech to the Republican gala, Greene called vice president Kamala Harris “so bland” for the “whole gender-neutral thing” – which apparently just means wearing a denim jacket.

Kamala Harris, she’s so bland, and her clothes are so brown and neutral,” Greene said while wearing a plain black one-shoulder dress fit for a funeral.

“She’s trying to do the whole gender-neutral thing or maybe disappear in the background.”

Social media users were more confused than anything else, asking what Greene was even talking about while citing plenty of times Harris showed off her colourful wardrobe.

Others were more shocked at the way she stumbled over her own words, with some believing she may have initially wanted to say the word “skin” instead of “clothes”.

“I honestly thought MTG was trying to say ‘skin,'” one user said, while another echoed the reply, writing: “She really almost said ‘Brown skin.'”

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