Pete Buttigieg effortlessly destroys Fox News host who grilled him on husband Chasten

Pete Buttigieg, arched forward, sits during a Fox News broadcast while wearing a suit and blue tie.

Pete Buttigieg has once again made metaphorical mince meat from a Fox News host who attempted to press him on a trip he made with his husband.

The openly gay secretary of transportation hit back at host Bret Baier after he attempted to catch him out on a trip he took to the Invictus Games in April 2022.

Various right-wing publications and pundits have attempted to stir up outrage regarding Buttigieg’s trip to the Netherlands event – which aims to support wounded service members and veterans – by asking whether the Democratic politician had reimbursed the government.

When asked about the so-called controversy, Buttigieg pointed out that it was a “presidential delegation to support American wounded warriors” and did not require reimbursement.

as Buttigieg succinctly pointed out during the Thursday (5 January) segment, not only was he not required to reimburse travel costs, but several Republican politicians had made the trip before him without backlash.

“Before me, it was the secretary of the army under president Trump who took that trip with his wife,” Buttigieg told Baier. “Before that, it was Mrs Trump as the first lady who went to the Invictus Games.

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“And, I guess the question on my mind is if no one’s raising questions about why secretary Esper and his wife led that delegation – as well they should have – why is it any different when it’s me and my husband?”

Baier responded to the rebuttal with a frantic “understood” as he seemingly became aware that Buttigieg very quickly turned the subject into a non-issue.

Pete Buttigieg speaks to Brett Bair over a blue LED table on a Fox News set
Pete Buttigieg speaking to Bret Baier during a Thursday broadcast of Special Report with Bret Baier. (Getty)

The reaction on social media was one of elation for the “superb response” that Buttigieg had given.

“Anytime Pete is challenged he manages to make both a thorough explanation and the straightest line with his argument,” one user wrote. “He does it in the most congenial way possible.”

Another wrote: “When you come for Buttigieg, you best not miss. Bret missed.”

Not only did the Indiana politician shut down claims that the trip was outside standard political practice, but he also proved that it was a success and one to commend.

“It was one of the great honours of my time in this job,” he said. “It was a great trip, it was incredible.

“It was also a few weeks into the Ukraine war, so we had a chance with the US embassy to engage with the Ukrainian competitors – also wounded service members. Some of them went from the games and back to the battlefield to fight for their country.”

Buttigieg also outlined his time with the prime minister of the Netherlands, where he exchanged ideas on Dutch port infrastructure.

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