Fletcher says joining the ‘sapphic chaos’ on The L Word reboot was a no-brainer

A photo of singer Fletcher wearing a purple suit performing on stage at London's 02 Forum with her hand in the air holding a microphone.

Queer pop star Fletcher has opened up about her guest appearance on Showtime’s reboot The L Word: Generation Q, hailing the drama for all of its “sapphic chaos”.

The third season of the show returned in November last year with a host of high profile guest appearances, including footballer Megan Rapinoe, comedian Margaret Cho and R&B singer Kehlani.

In the season’s seventh episode, which aired at the beginning of this year, Fletcher appears as herself as she prepares to host a launch party for her 2022 debut album Girl of My Dreams. Everyone is invited, chaos ensues, and it ends with a very drunk Sophie (Rosanny Zayas) falling into a swimming pool.

Speaking to GLAAD, the pop singer, who recently performed an extremely sexy duet of Midnight Sky alongside Miley Cyrus as part of a New Year’s Eve special on NBC, expressed her joy at having the opportunity to make her debut acting role on the historic lesbian melodrama. 

“It really made sense for me to be a part of an episode that was the culmination of all this sapphic chaos,” she said, adding that it was the perfect fit for her first acting gig to be on “such an unhinged episode of such an iconic show”.

During her appearance on The L Word, Fletcher sings her chaotic single “Becky’s So Hot”, which is seemingly about her ex-girlfriend, Shannon Beveridge, and her new partner Becky.

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The song put Fletcher at the centre of her own lesbian drama on TikTok when it was released, leading the star to joke that she felt like she was living her own episode of The L Word anyway. The singer’s fans joined in, calling for a Fletcher guest appearance in the show – and here we are.

The 28-year-old has also expressed her love for The L Word and how the original series, which aired from 2004 to 2009, helped her accept her queerness when she was growing up.

“It’s such an important show for queer history,” she explained. “Growing up without much representation in entertainment and media, it was such a big piece of self-discovery for me.

“When I found out that I was going to get to be a part of the Generation Q reboot, it was such a full circle moment.

“Little queer me, who was so lost and confused and looking to content like this to help validate myself, my sexuality, and my experiences and my journey, was really special.”

Fletcher explained how, as a teen, she would sneak away into her room to watch the show in secret. However, it’s thanks to show, in part, that she now feels able to live as her authentic self.

“Not only am I watching this proud, living my life proud, I am on this shit,” she said.

“We are giving queer culture. It’s such an honour.”