Grindr users warned after thugs drugged and robbed four men during hook-ups

A phone showing a yellow depiction of the Grindr logo.

Police are warning London Grindr users about online safety following reports two thieves drugged and robbed men using the dating app.

Metropolitan Police received four reports of drug-enabled burglaries in several parts of London between 31 December and 9 January.

The two suspects, who are now believed to have fled the country, reportedly met the victims in person after chatting on the same-sex dating app, where they proceeded to drug and rob them.

Victims suffered no lasting effects from the drugs used and have spoken to police following the incident.

Detectives are appealing for victims, or anyone involved, to come forward with any information that could aid ongoing investigations.

Anyone with information can contact detectives involved in the investigation by calling 101 and referencing Operation Cavendish.

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Two Met Police officers, wearing high vis jackets, stand outside.
Metropolitan Police officers have heard a set of worrying reports about the robberies. (Getty)

Officers are reportedly working with “international partners” to help find the two suspects, but have warned that this is not an isolated case and that there may be more victims who have not reported a crime.

“We believe other victims may have been targeted,” detective superintendent Dan O’Sullivan said.

“However, for personal reasons, [they] may not have wanted to report it.

“If you have been a victim, you can report in confidence to us or speak to an officer from the LGBTQ+ community.”

The Met Police advised Grindr users to ensure their own personal safety before meeting up with people they had met on the app.

This included tips such as hiding valuables, keeping an eye on any alcohol during the meet-up, and telling a friend about arrangements prior to them happening.

It also recommended precautions to ensure Grindr accounts are not scams, such as reverse image searching a profile picture or getting a live photo/video of the user before meeting up.

“Although the suspects have fled the country and the risk to the community is reduced, we are continuing to engage with our partners and those from LGBT independent advisory groups,” O’Sullivan continued.

A similar set of incidents occurred on the dating app in July 2022 when several South African men were robbed and assaulted by scammers.

Police urged Grindr users to be careful about their own safety following the robberies, saying that the frequency of the reports was becoming “alarming.”

Victims often had their belongings, bank cards, and even their cars stolen during the incidents, with many of the victims choosing not to report the crimes for fear of being outed.

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