This Is Going to Hurt author Adam Kay reveals he wants Rylan to welcome him into the afterlife

Doctor and author of the bestselling book This Is Going to Hurt – Adam Kay – has shared his wish for Rylan to greet him at the pearly gates.

While appearing on Where There’s a Will, There’s a Wake, a podcast hosted by comedian Kathy Burke in which celebrities plan their fantasy funeral, Burke asked Kay who he envisioned welcoming him into the afterlife.

“I certainly don’t wish him to be predeceased to me, but I guess he would have to [be to] fulfill this role. But wouldn’t it be lovely if it was Rylan?

“Let’s just get Rylan on the front desk.”

We couldn’t agree more – and neither could Burke, who stated that the TV presenter’s dentistry made him a suitable candidate for the job.

“I think he’s the perfect person actually, cuz he’s got those beautiful choppers, that wonderful smile, you know, with those magnificent teeth,” said Burke.

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Adam Kay rounded up the segment by adding that Rylan would be “so, so fun”.

“And he’ll be dressed well and he’ll be funny… And he’s smart. He’ll remember a couple of facts about me or something,” he said.

Kay, who attended October’s PinkNews Awards, spoke about the need for more “normal, gay, dysfunctional couples” on TV.

This Is Going To Hurt was adapted into a BBC comedy-drama of the same name in 2022 and saw Ben Wishaw star as a fictionalised Adam Kay. It jointly won Best Drama at the PinkNews Awards 2022, along with Jack Rooke for his Channel 4 comedy Big Boys.

The programme was praised for its timely social commentary concerning the state of the NHS, and for including a gay couple at its core without having sexuality be the driving force of the story.

In the same podcast episode, Kay also discussed the NHS with Burke: “The NHS I think is the most amazing, precious thing we have in this country, and it’s so upsetting to see what’s happening at the moment, the lack of respect for the people who work there, who aren’t being paid a fair wage for what they’re doing.”

Burke then replied: “It’s not really been looked after properly by this Tory government.” To which Kay added: “Correct.”