Mum claims teacher watched while homophobic bullies beat up her Black, queer son

A person wearing LGBT socks and trainers.

Several bullies reportedly assaulted a 13-year-old Black, queer schoolboy in a school toilets after months of abuse as a teacher looked on, his mum has claimed.

The boy’s mother, Natasha Green, claimed she had seen a video of her son being attacked at the Allendale-Fairfax Middle School in South Carolina.

Her son identifies as asexual and panromantic and has been diagnosed with social communication disorder, which means he finds it difficult to perceive or express verbal and non-verbal language.

The students involved in the 25 January incident were reportedly suspended for less than a week, but Green has said she is seeking expulsions.

“We have obtained an attorney,” she said, reports LGBTQ+ Nation.

“This week, a petition is being started for my son to have his rights as a citizen, and [to] press charges against the students [who] attacked him.”

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According to Green, a teacher was also present when the assault occurred, but did nothing to stop it.

A girl is said to have pushed Green’s son into the boys’ cubicles, where he was attacked by two students while others watched or filmed on their phones.

School ‘refused to acknowledge this as a hate crime’

In the 48-second video, around five students could be heard yelling at the boy, repeatedly provoking him to “hit me bro, c’mon, hit me”.

The boy reportedly stood silent as the students screamed more expletives at him until they began grabbing and punching him, while the teacher allegedly stood by and did nothing.

After the attack, the child dialled the emergency services and was escorted away by medical personnel for evaluation.

His grandmother was the first to arrive at the school, but Green said that the child was so terrified after the attack that he had trouble recognising her.

“He was agitated and hallucinating,” she said. “At the ER, the doctor suggested he stay out of school until he could fully calm down and see his regular doctors and therapists.

“The school and the sheriff’s office have refused to acknowledge this as a hate crime… Other parents in the area are working on organising a protest.”

PinkNews has contacted the Allendale School County District for comment.