Trans people share small but powerful acts of allyship and it’s just joyful

An activist holds up a trans flag with a photoshopped image of a tweet included.

From random acts of kindness to thoughtful gestures, trans people are the sharing stories of gender affirmation and allyship from cis people that have stuck with them.

It all began when a Twitter user named Jasmine asked her trans followers to share their own “nice little stories”.

She kicked things off, sharing on of her own favourites.

“We had a work retreat with my office,” Jasmine wrote. “The plan was to have a house for the boys and a house for the girls.

“When I said I was fine with sleeping in the boys’ house, all the women in the office looked at me funny and demanded I be in the girls’ house.”

More than 1,000 people replied, with many sharing stories which ranged from small to significant acts of allyship.

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A large chunk of the replies reference supportive relative and friends upon coming out, including elderly family members who immediately accepted their trans relative.

“There’s a little corner grocery run by a Greek family near the house I grew up in,” one person wrote.

“There’s an older woman who works there, who has watched me grow up. She doesn’t speak a ton of English.

“After I transitioned, she just looked me up and down and said: ‘You make good change’.”

A Twitter user named Lilly shared a touching story of how her grandmother showed her unconditional love, despite being unsure what being trans exactly meant.

“Being in her 80s means she’s lived through some less-tolerant times, and since my mother passed away when I was young, she’s some of the only family I’ve got,” Lily wrote.

“This made me cry a bunch.”

Another person wrote: “The first thing my mum said when I came out to her was: ‘I always wanted a daughter!'”