Channel 4’s Naked Education is on a mission to celebrate trans bodies: ‘It’s life-saving stuff’

Lucian Main (L) and Finlay Games (R) are two trans men featured on Channel 4's new series, Naked Education.

New Channel 4 series Naked Education is on a mission to normalise and celebrate all body types – including trans bodies. 

The six-part series, starting on Tuesday 4 April, is hosted by queer TV presenter and Naked Attraction host Anna Richardson, with support from Love Island’s Doctor Alex George and presenter Yinka Bokinni.

Throughout the series, people across the UK will come together to discuss how they experience their bodies, addressing topics from body dysmorphia and disabilities, to skin conditions and penis size.

In episode three, viewers will be introduced to two trans men – Finlay Games and Lucian Main – who are at different stages along their transitioning journey.

In a bid to “break down stereotypes”, the pair will discuss their experiences of gender-affirming surgery and why it can be “lifesaving”.

Speaking to Metro, Games and Main explained why they hope Naked Education will be a game-changer when it comes to showing trans bodies on screen.

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“There is so much misinformation around being transgender in general, but especially around gender-affirming surgery and what that is, and why we have surgery,” Finlay said.

“This isn’t just surgery that we choose, it’s life-saving stuff. Surgery is more than just the aesthetic changes on the outside, it’s really deep, internal, life-saving changes.”

Finlay, 49, says he came out “late in life” and feels he “lost” his youth to the distress caused by gender dysphoria.

On the show, he explains that he has had both top surgery and bottom surgery, and shares that the surgery gave him a “new lease of life”. 

Lucian came out at the age of 17, and while he has had top surgery, Naked Education provides him with a space to discuss any future surgical procedures and get advice from Finlay.

“In the community, it’s great and we do all stick together and share things where possible, but that’s not necessarily our job and a lot of the time, not a lot of people will talk about it because it’s so painful in some aspects,” Lucian told Metro.

“I had all these unanswered questions and I believe everything starts with a conversation.”

At a time where trans bodies receive intense media attention in the UK, with sporting competitions banning trans athletes and schools being encouraged to ‘out’ trans children, Naked Education provides a welcome opportunity to actually hear from trans people.

Finlay Games and Lucian Main in a screenshot for Channel 4's Naked Education.
Lucian Main and Finlay Games discuss the reality of living as trans men on Naked Education. (Channel 4)

“We don’t have an ‘agenda’, we just want to be happy,” Finlay continued. “Having our voices heard is so important. The only place to learn about trans people is from trans people.

“Seeing regular trans bodies on television, that’s what people need to see, trans people being their regular trans selves, going about their regular trans lives.”

Naked Education begins on Channel 4 on Tuesday 4 April at 8pm. Finlay and Lucian’s episode will air on Tuesday 18 April.

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