Two-thirds of Reform UK voters say that they don’t want trans people to be able to change gender

Nigel Farage laughing.

A poll into the thoughts and beliefs of Reform UK party voters has been published and, to absolutely nobody’s surprise, it’s exactly what you would expect.

The right-wing populist political party, led by Nigel Farage, was founded in 2018 as the Brexit Party and has since made a name for itself through its controversial, right-wing and eurosceptic policies.

While it has been labelled as the 2024 election’s answer to UKIP – a culturally right-wing party with emphasis on anti-immigration policies and nationalistic sentiments – its still uncertain where many of its voters stand on more domestic issues.

Statistics collected from political polling organisation YouGov found that the majority of Reform UK voters’ beliefs stem from, you guessed it, right-wing populism and anti-multiculturalism.

Nigel Farage pictured at an event.
Two-thirds of Reform UK voters think trans people shouldn’t be able to change gender. (Getty)

By far the most unanimously held belief is the idea that young people don’t respect or understand “traditional” British values, with a whopping 89 per cent of Reform voters sharing this view, though what exactly those “values” are is not defined.

86 per cent, meanwhile, believe that all migrants coming to the United Kingdom via the English Channel should be removed immediately, and 85 per cent believe criminal convictions should be harsher.

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But what about LGBTQ+ issues? Reform UK have already shared their own views on LGBTQ+ issues, particularly the Equality Act, saying that it has cost the economy billions and has become “a lawyer’s charter to print money,” adding that it would scrap all diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) roles should it get into power.

69 per cent of Reform UK voters believe that trans people should not be able to legally change their gender via a gender recognition certificate (GRC) in the UK. 65 per cent, meanwhile, still believe that same-sex couples should be allowed to get married in the UK.

Statistics show that Reform UK voters are reportedly more likely to say trans people should not be allowed to change their gender than conservative voters, with 52 per cent agreeing. 37 per cent of all Britons also agree.

Both Reform UK and conservative voters are also less likely to agree that same-sex couples should be allowed to get married in the UK compared to all Britons, with 79 per cent of all voters agreeing.

Among the most held beliefs for Reform UK voters, the least popular is that the government should not redistribute wealth from the rich to the poor, with 42 per cent saying they believe this.

Conversely, however, 69 per cent believe that the rich should be taxed more than average earners, while 60 per cent think welfare benefits are currently too generous.

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