What your favourite Pokémon says about the type of queer person you are

Queer Pokemon

There’s little doubt that Pokémon is inherently queer – in fact, ever since its debut in 1996, with the release of Pokémon Red and Pokémon Green, the franchise has built a huge fan base within the LGBTQ+ community.

From queer-coded characters (Team Rocket, we’re looking at you), to the most fabulous, androgynous-presenting Pokémon, here is what we think your favourite character says about type of queer person you are.


Image shows Charmander, a salamander-like Pokemon with a firey tail
Charmander lovers value loyalty above all else – except maybe listening to Kylie. (The Pokémon Company International/Cartoon Network)

He’s cute, he’s a classic, he’s an all-round gay icon. If Charmander is your favourite, you’re probably a sweet baby gay. You’re popular and a little shy, but willing to stand up for your friends no matter what the cost, because loyalty is one of the most important values to you. That, and staying out until 4am dancing to “Padam Padam”.


Image shows Starmie- a purple, yellow and red starfish like Pokemon, walking through some woodland
If Starmie does it for you, we’re star-struck. (The Pokémon Company International/Cartoon Network)

Starmie is a genderless badass: fierce, powerful and ready for a good time. If Starmie is your favourite Pokémon, you’re probably one of the coolest humans alive. You have a brilliant sense of style (much like Starmie, just look at the jewel) and you’re not afraid of going for what you want. You’re strong, confident and, of course, an absolute star.


Image shows Pokemon called Sylveon, with blue and pink and white colourings: its overall appearance is similar to a fox.
Sylveon fans are clearly in the pink. (The Pokémon Company International/Cartoon Network)

The elegant and pink queer. As the lord, saviour and collective mascot for the trans Pokémon community, Sylveon is sweet, soft, and loved by all. If your favourite Pokémon is Sylveon, you probably have a pink gaming set-up (incredible, stunning, beautiful, we are jealous). Not to mention the fact that you’re also likely to be beautiful and elegant, and love to dance – to classy music, of course.


Image shows the Pokemon psyduck, a round, orange coloured duck with an anxious expression clutching its head
Psyduck fans need to give it a rest. (The Pokémon Company International)

The stressed queer. Will somebody please give this poor baby a single day of rest? Psyduck’s Pokédex entry states that “It is constantly wracked by a headache” – and honestly, same. If Psyduck is your favourite Pokémon, please get some rest. You deserve it.


Image shows two blob-shaped Pokemon, one blue, one purple, standing on grass
Silly, goofy queers tend to like Ditto. You’re having a laugh, right? (The Pokémon Company International)

Pretty much the definition of gender ambiguity/gender fluidity. We too wish to be a genderless blob that can transform at will. If Ditto is your favourite, you’re definitely silly and goofy, you like to laugh and make others around you laugh. More importantly, you refuse to fit into any one box, but openly express yourself without shame or confinement. You do you!


Jynx: a purple-faced Pokemon with red boobs and bleach blonde hair
Don’t Jynx things by loving the drag queen mother of all Pokémon. (The Pokémon Company International)

Drag queen extraordinaire – mother, if you will – Jynx was once feared and worshiped as the ‘Queen of Ice’, so if Jynx is your favourite Pokémon, you have our utmost respect. You’re no doubt lively, strong, confident and a great performer. You absolutely know how to strut your stuff on the runway. Shantay you stay.


Oshawott: a koala/teddy bear looking Pokemon
Oshawott fans goes all out to maintain friendship – just don’t do yourself a mischief. (The Pokémon Company International)

The chaotic yet shy queer: handsome, happy and energetic, but with a mischievous side. Oshawott is the embodiment of a short king. If this character is your favourite, you’re outgoing and don’t mind a bit of attention, despite your shyness. You may struggle to make friends at first, but once you’ve really got to know someone, you’ll really make the effort to keep them in your life.

Mr Mime

Mr Mime, a clown-like Pokemon with two blue wing-like sections of hair and sucker-like fingers.
Keep your (loud) shirt on if you vote for Mr Mime as the top Pokémon. (The Pokémon Company International)

The cool dad queer. If your favourite is Mr. Mime, you love a good dad joke, you’ll be ready at the airport 10 hours before your flight, and you live in a Hawaiian shirt. Also, like Mr. Mime, you probably slap people who interrupt you.


Picture of Snorlax, a large, bear-like Pokemon, blue and white in colour with pointed, cat like ears. It is yawning.
Snorlax lovers are laid back – to the extent of falling over. Bear with us. (The Pokémon Company International)

The big cuddly queer. Snorlax is the “bear” gay – loveable, cuddly and a little bit fluffy. What more could you want? If Snorlax is your favourite, you probably love a full meal followed by a nap. You’re also likely to be known for being laid back, and you definitely need some time alone to recharge after a busy day. Or any day.


Gastly, a black ball with huge slanted eyes, wreathed in purple smoke, with sharp teeth.
Being part of Gastly’s fan base could come back to haunt you. (The Pokémon Company International)

The Halloween queer. Appearing only at night, to float around through the darkness, shrouded by purple mist. Hello? Gastly is the representation for all the autumnal, Halloween, pumpkin-spiced queers out there. If this is your pick of pokémons, you undoubtedly want to live in a haunted mansion on the top of a hill, your favourite movie is The Addams Family and you spend 99 per cent of your income on black eyeliner. Boo!