Ozzy Osbourne ‘disgusted’ by anti-gay church’s use of his music at protest

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Ozzy Osbourne has hit out at the homophobic Westboro Baptist Church after discovering that they had used one of his hits at their recent protests at the US Supreme Court in Washington DC.

The Kansas-based church made use of Osbourne’s 1980 solo hit ‘Crazy Train’ at their protest, changing the lyrics to “You’re going straight to hell on your crazy train.”

Osbourne was not pleased, saying in a statement that he was “disgusted”.

He said: “I am sickened and disgusted by the use of ‘Crazy Train’ To promote messages of hate and evil by a ‘church.’ ”

The Westboro Baptist Church have taken to protesting at the funerals of soldiers – whether they were gay or not – in order to draw attention to their cause.

They believe homosexuality is evil and that God is punishing Americans for their increasing tolerance and acceptance of gay rights by killing members of the US military abroad.

This is not Osbourne’s first brush with Westboro Baptist Church. In May this year, they picketed the funeral of Ronnie James Dio, who took over from Osbourne as the singer in Black Sabbath. They claimed they were there to vocalise their belief that Dio had been a Satanist.

Osbourne said to Rockline radio show: “I thought it was in such bad taste that those people had those banners . . . that’s disgusting. They say that we’re the anti-christ. Well, what makes them any better?