Video: The New York gay couple who have received hundreds of letters addressed to Santa Claus

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A gay couple living in Chelsea, New York City have received hundreds of letters from children all across New York hoping to reach Santa Claus.

The couple, Jim and Dylan, have with the help of friends responded to hundreds of the letters but there remains a mystery as to where the children located their address.

The couple told the New York Times, “we considered if it were a scam, or maybe a cruel joke that someone is putting on us.” The couple joked, “I sometimes imagine that a teacher wrote our address on a chalk board and said to the kids: ‘right, lets write to Santa.’”

The couple live in an apartment on West 22nd Street, once the home of Clement C. Moore who wrote the children’s classic ‘A Visit From St. Nicholas’ now more popularly known as ‘The Night Before Christmas.’

A delightful video from the New York Times about the tale is found below

Click here to watch the video on the New York Times website