Texas university gets gender-neutral toilet

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

A university in Texas has installed a gender neutral toilet.

Officials at the University of Texas in Austin believe the new facility will benefit disabled people and those who need space for medical injections as well as LGBT people.

Linda Millstone, the associate vice president for the university’s Office of Institutional Equity and Workforce Diversity, says there should be at least one gender neutral toilet for every five floors of each campus building.

Ms Millstone told the Daily Texan: “If I am a woman in a wheelchair and my attendant is a male, where am I supposed to go?”

Pat Clubb, vice president for university operations, has agreed that the facilities should be included in all new campus buildings, as well as existing ones.

Computer science senior Aria Bellows, who is transgender, said: “I don’t typically use [gender neutral toilets] myself. But for the life of transgender students on campus, they are very important. Some days you can be worried about how people will see you in either [restroom].”