Rapper Lil Wayne: Jason Collins coming out ‘is opening a lot of doors’ for gay sports people

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Rap star Lil Wayne, has become the latest hip-hop musician to speak out in favour of NBA star Jason Collins, who came out as gay last week, saying that the massive support he received showed that “it’s a fair world out there”.

Jason Collins last Monday spoke about his sexuality, confirming he is gay in an article in Sports Illustrated magazine. He said: “I’m a 34-year-old NBA center. I’m black. And I’m gay.

Speaking in an interview with MTV on Saturday, Lil Wayne commended Collins in a brief statement, saying that his coming out would pave the way for other people to come out as gay.

“What it does for sports? It’s opening a lot of doors and it’s showing that it’s a fair world out there,” he said.

“Just to see how many people came to his support and things like that, that’s a pretty fair world out there. Be you,” he continued.

Rap star A$AP Rocky last week commented on gay men coming out, saying that he has “more respect” for artists such as Frank Ocean, and sportsmen like Jason Collins, who come out as gay. 

The rap artist, recently spoke out, citing Kanye West and Jay Z as artists who don’t discriminate against gay people, to say that it is “crazy” that it is still an issue.

When asked during the interview, his opinion on the recent announcement by NBA star Jason Collins that he is gay, the rap star said he had no problem with gay men, and that he respected anyone who comes out.

Snoop Lion, rapper-turned-reggae artist, who has been vocal in supporting gay rights, but who has in the past noted the difficulty faced by a gay rap artist wanting to come out, this week said that he thinks “in the near future” it will be much easier.

The 41-year-old star who recently asserted that in the rap music industry, being gay may never be “acceptable” in the way it is for singers, has now changed his tune, saying that people are much more accepting