Video: X-Men actor uses YouTube to come out as gay: ‘It’s not something anybody should be ashamed of’

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A star of the X-Men film Origins: Wolverine, and an internet personality has come out in an impassioned video posted on YouTube, in which he tells his story and emphasises what he says is important about being publicly out.

The eighteen-year-old actor and YouTube personality Troye Sivan, says in the video, posted on 7 August 2013, that on 7 August 2010, he came out to his family. Going on to say that he thinks it is important that he is open about his sexuality.

In the video, posted onto his channel which has over 400,000 followers, says: “It’s not something I’m ashamed of, and it’s not something I think anybody should be ashamed of”.

“It feels kind of weird to have to announce it like this on the Internet, but I feel like a lot of you guys are like real, genuine friends of mine and I share everything with the Internet. … Whether or not that’s a good thing I don’t know, but this is not something that I’m ashamed of and it’s not something that anyone should have to be ashamed of, so why not share it with you guys?”

However, he added, “I’m terrified. I know that some people are going to have a problem with this. This could kind of change everything for me, but it shouldn’t have to. And that’s why I’m making this video, and that’s why I think it’s important for people to make these kinds of videos.”

“The word gay used to scare me a lot… I’ve always been this way, and I’ve always know that something was up.

He goes on to tell his personal story of coming out to his best friend and his family, and mulls over the religious implications of coming out as gay.

Following the video, the actor tweeted: “Just saw #WeAreProudOfYouTroye is trending worldwide. I can’t put into words how much I appreciate you guys. … [sobs violently].”