US: Columnist says accepting gays in the Boy Scouts of America will descend it into ‘darkness of sin’

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A US columnist has attacked the vote taken earlier this year by the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) which voted to allow openly gay scout members for the first time.

Earlier this year the national council of the BSA voted to lift the ban on openly gay youth members, over 60% of the 1400 strong voting body backed lifting the ban.

In his column yesterday for WorldNetDaily, Jeff Rayno described those that supported lifting the ban as those who “love the darkness of sin.”

He further added that: “The recent decision by the 1,400 voting members of the Boy Scouts of America to allow gays into the Boy Scouts really was a shock to fathers across America who want to nurture, protect, teach and work alongside their sons in a godly way.”

Mr Rayno continued to criticise the decision and went as far as to call for a new organisation to be set up: “These actions caused thousands of men and their sons to prayerfully consider the creation of a new organization to develop character traits that will be the catalyst for responsible husbands, fathers and citizens of the future.”

The columnist further said when speaking of the supposed corruption that the rules change has caused as “how do you play in mud and not get dirty.”

The decision by the BSA has drawn criticism from many conservatives with former US Presidential nominee and Texas Governor Rick Perry expressing his disappointment at the decision. Conservative radio host Bryan Fischer said that drowning would be more preferable than joining the boy scouts now that gay members are accepted.

In contrast President Barack Obama welcomed the decision and called on the BSA to take another step and allow for gay adults to become leaders within the organisation.